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Finding Custody Arrangements That Work

Many parents in Michigan who go through child custody fear that it will negatively impact their relationship with their child or children. While a custody arrangement may change when or how often you see your children, it does not have to ruin your relationship with them.

I am Richard M. Trost, and my goal as a child custody attorney is to help you find a custody or visitation plan that is enforceable and preserves the bond you have with your children. Located in Brighton, I provide guidance to parents throughout eastern Michigan and have for over 30 years.

Legal Custody Vs. Physical Custody

Legal custody and physical custody are the two categories of child custody parents should be concerned about after divorce.

  • Legal custody gives you the right to be involved in important decisions regarding your child such as his or her education, medical care and religious upbringing.
  • Physical custody, on the other hand, dictates who has physical possession of your child. One or both parents may be granted physical custody. If one parent is awarded sole custody, the other parent may be granted visitation time. When parents are awarded joint custody, they will split time with the children evenly.

Minimizing Conflict To Find A Plan That Meets Your Needs

In the 30 years I have been a lawyer, I have seen numerous child custody matters settled through negotiations and others decided through litigation. Negotiation is almost always more effective and leads to better results. Why? Because you get to tell your side of the story and you get to collaborate to decide the outcome — not a judge who doesn’t know you. I am an established provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) modalities including arbitration and mediation and can help you find an acceptable resolution to your child custody issue. Both mediation and arbitration are viable, cost-effective, efficient and less nerve-wracking options than a courtroom trial.

I know that child custody is an emotional matter, but I will be with you to guide you toward a solution that supports your needs and your child’s best interests.

Using A Formula To Determine Child Support

Michigan has a formula that must be used when determining how much one parent will pay in child support. The formula takes into consideration how many children you have, the incomes of both parents, your custody or parenting time plan, and how much each parent contributes financially to medical and child care costs.

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