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Guiding Couples Through Arbitration And Mediation

Mediation and arbitration are two types of problem resolution pathways. The benefit of both of these is that couples and people in dispute can avoid going to court. This saves people time, money and perhaps most importantly a great deal of stress. Another advantage to mediation and arbitration is that both of these modalities are much more flexible and less stressful than formal courtroom proceedings.

Understanding Mediation

Mediation is where you meet with the parties and try to get them to come to a resolution to their dispute. If the parties cannot come to a resolution then litigation may be the next steps. Generally people do find resolution and are more satisfied with the results than when they proceed to litigation. The benefits of mediation are:

  • It is cost-effective
  • Fast results
  • The process is collaborative, empowering
  • There is a high rate of compliance
  • The process is custom to each case
  • There are no lawyers’ fees
  • The process is focused on the rules of evidence
  • There is no “win” or “loss” only resolution

As a mediator, I have done over 800 mediations. A great deal of these cases, roughly 90 percent, settled with no trial. I can help you with your uncontested divorce, child custody and asset division.

Using Arbitration Instead Of A Judge

An arbitrator, much like a judge, has the power to make a final decision. Once an arbitrator makes a decision, the case is closed. By choosing to work with an arbitrator you get many of the same benefits as those of mediation. A seasoned arbitrator is usually an attorney with decades of experience. An arbitrator can help disputing parties come to a resolution that feels “fair” to both parties. This resolution is usually faster than a trial, less expensive and far less nerve-wracking.

For People In Everyday Disputes

Both mediation and arbitration are far more personal and much less intimidating than going to trial. Both parties get a fair chance to tell their story and be heard. Mediation and arbitration are more flexible as to the times and location of the sessions, and each session is tailored to your lifestyle. Most people feel much more comfortable when they use mediation or arbitration.

I am attorney Richard Trost, and I have more than 30 years of Michigan family law experience. I have helped hundreds of couples find fair resolution and property division in their divorce. I have also helped employers and employees, as well as those in construction, housing and other industries find mutually acceptable resolutions to their problems.

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