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Protecting You And Your Children With Strong Legal Guidance

Few things are more important in life than your family. When you are going through a legal issue that affects your family, working with a lawyer who understands the sensitivity of the matter is crucial.

I am attorney Richard M. Trost, and I focus on helping people wade through the difficult emotions associated with family law matters to find a solution that works for them. From my law firm in Brighton, Michigan, I handle a variety of family law matters, including divorce, alimony, property division, paternity, and child custody and support.

Helping You Find A Reasonable Approach

Although the outcome of your case is very important, so is the way your case is handled. There is a common misconception that family law matters are contentious battles. While some are, most can be handled reasonably and outside of the courtroom.

In fact, respectful negotiations often lead to better results because you have more control over the outcome. Whether you are going through a divorce or need to work out a parenting time plan, I can help you work toward an agreement that is fair and in your best interests.

Divorce can feel like a very uncertain time, and many people have questions about how the process works and what to expect. Before you meet with me, you may find it helpful to review my Divorce FAQ page. I also work with couples in mediation and arbitration.

Exceptionally Experienced In Litigation

Although negotiating usually gets better results, sometimes it just doesn’t work. I am an experienced litigator, and I will be prepared to take your case to court if it becomes the best option.

Let Me Help You Through Your Family Law Matter

Call me at 810-522-8917 or send me an email to schedule a free consultation. In our first meeting, I will get to know you and begin assessing your case. Both the phone call and our first visit are absolutely free.