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If You Have Been Charged With A Drug Crime

If you or a loved one, or family member has been charged with a drug crime in Michigan, Trost and Wolfer, PC, Attorneys at Law, can help. Don’t represent yourself. It is not worth it to risk jail time, fines and a felony conviction when a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate on your behalf.

Serious Punishments For Drug Charges

The punishments in Michigan for possession and possession with intent to sell or deliver can be devastating. Trost and Wolfer, PC, has over three decades of experience in defending those accused of drug crimes. We have helped clients with charges that involved:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Drug trafficking
  • Meth
  • Drug possession, distribution or manufacturing

If you have been found with drug paraphernalia (such as scales and large amounts of the drugs) you may be charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver. Depending on the court, the amount (for example a half of a pound of marijuana) and the circumstances you could also be charged with drug trafficking.

A Skilled Attorney By Your Side Can Help

No matter what you have been charged with Trost and Wolfer, PC, can help. We can work to ensure that your rights are protected and that whenever possible charges are reduced or dropped. Once we attain the charge reduction we will work to avoid a criminal conviction. No matter what your situation, having a skilled and experienced attorney represent you is beneficial and can mean a huge difference in your record, in fines and in jail time.

Special Protection For First-Time Offenders

If you are first-time offender or between the ages of 17 and 25 then working with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between an elevated charge and jail time to a reduction of merely probation. Michigan possession charges are serious: they can result in lengthy imprisonment and significant fines. A skilled and experienced attorney working for you can greatly minimize their risk of a criminal conviction or jail time.

Experienced And Reputable With Proven Results

Call Trost and Wolfer, PC, in Brighton for experienced criminal defense representation. We represent clients in all stages of criminal cases. Call 810-522-8917 and speak directly with an attorney. There is no charge for the phone call. Or fill out our online contact form and criminal defense attorney Richard Trost will contact you. Trost and Wolfer, PC, offers free initial consultations in office as well. Evening and weekend appointments available.