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Skilled Criminal Defense Representation

In today’s society, it’s important to keep your record as clean as possible. Everyone uses background checks including employers, professional licensing organizations, renting and leasing companies and colleges. Background checks enable people and organizations to screen applicants. A criminal conviction can have damaging effects on your opportunities for an entire lifetime.

Helping You With Assault, Drug, Theft And DUI/ DWI Charges

The law firm of Trost and Wolfer, PC, in Brighton, Michigan, is here to protect your future from both the short-term and long-term consequences of a criminal conviction. In many cases, first-time offenses can be resolved without jail time or a criminal record.

I have three decades of successfully defending people who face all types of criminal charges, including:

  • Serious traffic offenses such as reckless driving and driving without a license
  • DUI (called OWI in Michigan)
  • Drug possession and possession with intent to deliver illegal drugs such as marijuana, meth, cocaine and heroin
  • Domestic violence and assault
  • Theft, robbery and burglary
  • Juvenile offenses

Charge Reduction And Negotiation

Even if you think you are guilty of the criminal charge it doesn’t mean you should give up your rights or not fight for a reduced charge. In many instances an experienced lawyer may be able to negotiate a better deal for you including a dismissal of the charges or a reduction of the charges. A skilled and experienced attorney knows when proper procedure was not followed. This gives you leverage. For example, drunk driving charges may be dismissed if the police officer did not have a legal reason to stop you and administer the Breathalyzer test.

An effective attorney will advocate for you and protect your constitutional rights. For example, drug charges may be dropped if you or your vehicle or home was illegally searched. Even if the police make no mistakes, it may be possible to reduce the charges for a first-time offender. For example, by using effective negotiating tactics, it may be possible to reduce a first DUI or OWI to impaired driving, which has less serious consequences and fewer long-term consequences.

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