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How nesting can help make child custody easier

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Child Custody |

Managing child custody arraignments and parenting plans during and after divorce can become complicated, especially as both parents begin building two, separate lives. However, one recently developed option could help make the transition easier on the children and cheaper for the parents, at least in the short term.


Nesting, also known as, birdnesting, occurs when Brighton Howell area parents keep the family home and simply rotate in and out when dictated by the child custody and parenting plan. The children stay in the home, just like they did before the divorce.

Where does the other parent live?

Depending on the Michigan parents’ financial capabilities and comfortability dictates the answer to this question. The most cost-effective option is for both parents to stay in the family home. However, to make sure there is some separation, the parent who is not caring for the children at the time would live in a garage apartment, mother-in-law suite or some other separate area. Another option is to share a separate apartment that is lived in when not caring for the children. This could be a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. Though, if cost is not a factor, then both parents could maintain separate homes, while maintaining the original, family home.

Reduced costs

If the Brighton Howell area parents agree to stay in the same property or share one off-site apartment, the living expenses will still be shared, along with the property needed to maintain both homes. No additional childcare costs will be incurred as well. This is a great way to reduce costs, and even if the nest is temporary, both spouses can save up a nest egg.

An easier transition

The biggest phycological effects of Michigan divorce stem from the destruction of the child’s life and the havoc of a contentious divorce. Nesting eliminates most of these critical stumbling blocks because their life remains largely unchanged. Of course, they will see each parent less often, but other than that, everything else in their life looks the same. They stay in the same home and school, and get to keep their same friends.

Not right for everyone

Of course, nesting is only right for those Brighton Howell area couples that still get along, can communicate effectively and if both parents’ primary concern is the well-being of their children. If all of this is correct, then nesting could work.