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Fathers’ rights and mediation in child custody

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Child Custody |

For many years, when faced with a child custody dispute, courts were more likely to award custody to the mother. Although that is still often the case, people who are in a position to rethink that decision and fathers are getting child custody more often than before.

Many states including Michigan have worked to make child custody decisions more fair to fathers. At the same time, many couples are really trying to come to child custody agreements through mediation and are only ending up in court if they are unable to work out their differences without a judge.

Why are couples trying mediation first?

If a couple can see eye to eye when it comes to sharing custody of their child or children, mediation should work well for them in theory. Mediation allows them the opportunity to make their own decisions (together) concerning their children instead of a judge making decisions for them. It allows them to have greater control over their children’s lives.

A child custody dispute may be difficult for the parents but it is also difficult for the children. Children understand if their parents do not get along well and they often believe that they, themselves, are to blame. Even if the parents assure them that it is not the case, they may not believe that and may grow up feeling responsible for the family splitting apart.

Solid child custody advice from a knowledgeable lawyer

If you and your ex-spouse are struggling with a custody arrangement, the solid advice of an experienced Michigan child custody lawyer may make a tremendous difference in your case. The lawyer can advise you on doing things the right way so that your relationship with your child is not negatively impacted.

Additionally, the lawyer can help you to come up with the most effective child custody plan so that everyone is comfortable with the arrangement and so that your children’s needs and wants are satisfied at the same time.