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Why nesting may be a good option for your child custody situation

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Child Custody |

When Brighton Howell parents decide to split up it can be a difficult time for everyone, and it can be particularly difficult on their children. In order to minimize the effects of a divorce on children, parents have become more creative in their child custody arrangements to help their children cope with the changes in their lives. One child custody arrangement that may be a good option for some families is known as nesting or bird nesting.

In a nesting arrangement the children stay in the family home and the parents move in and out to take care of them depending on the arrangement. The children do not have to move between two houses. They stay in the home they know and are familiar with. There are several benefits for using nesting as a child custody arrangement. These include:

  • The children have a familiar space. They stay in the same neighborhood, the same school and other people and landmarks. Their life remains consistent even if their parents are no longer together.
  • Because of the consistency, the negative effects of the divorce on the children may be minimized.
  • In case a parenting time schedule needs to change for some reason, it will have minimum effects on the children.

Good communication is necessary for nesting, and so this type of arrangement works best in cases where the breakup of the parents is relatively amicable. The parents will also need to come up with guidelines regarding who gets to stay in the family home while a parent is there — for instance, if a romantic partner enters the picture. Parents may also want to discuss where they will live when they are not in the family home. They may want to have their own apartments, or they could share an apartment and take turns living there when one is in the family home.

An attorney who specializes in child custody can help their client understand what their options may be when it comes to child custody arrangements. They can negotiate a plan that is beneficial for both their client and their children.